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Atmosphere in the garden – thoughts on a bright summer day

We recently visited a show of John Singer Sargent’s water colors at the Brooklyn Museum. The predominant impression I brought away from that large exhibition was of the significance of light and shade in creating an atmosphere with the emotional power to move a viewer.

FT sunny very hot humid midmorn 238

Seeing the Sargent watercolors was a reminder of the light.

FT sunny very hot humid midmorn 128

I’ve been loving the light in the garden this summer like no summer before. Continue reading Atmosphere in the garden – thoughts on a bright summer day

What are gardens for?

I’ve never successfully photographed this forty foot wide planting of Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’. And that, I think, shows why being in the garden is different from looking at the photos in this post. This image isn’t real, it’s not even pretty, but it does show flowering has begun.

The garden has been a very busy place in recent months with my decision to create new structure and new plantings in preparation for the Garden Conservancy Open Days. Not much time for contemplation. Something William Martin said made me think whether I ever just sit down and take a moment’s pleasure in my garden. And yesterday morning I remember I did.

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