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Celebration thumb


I woke to a frosty morning, an icy crust on the garden, a low brilliant sun lighting the mess that remains from Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm in local recorded history, and a heavy wet snow that fell a few days after. I thought the garden was at an end, but these photos give the lie to that. Instead, they celebrate the strong, intricate structure of the grasses and perennials at Federal Twist. The frost and light create a delicate, ephemeral landscape.

Celebration (1)

I rarely take a “how to” approach to blog posts, but it may be helpful to see how some plants weathered the storms and remain to give pleasure, so I’ll name the survivors below. The empty spaces usually incidate plants there earlier in the season didn’t last through the storms. I’ll name some of them too, though I certainly don’t suggest you avoid them. Continue reading Celebration!