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A glorious light – Chanticleer in autumn twilight

An event to get to, Noel Kingsbury speaking at Chanticleer, so I arrived late afternoon of October 24 to see the garden in approaching twilight. I usually feel the need to make the trek around the entire garden, but time being short, I chose just to see what I wanted and let it go at that.

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Garden Diary: More light, more life …

“It can be heartbreaking to see the natural landscape ravaged, or, as a designer, to watch something you have created be destroyed. It can even be difficult to see it change before your eyes into something you had not imagined. Perhaps for these very understandable reasons, conventional landscaping resists change …

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Imaginary axis … garden structure at Federal Twist

0504 Federal Twist Differentiation of Plants 125 - Copy
This is one end of the “spine” of the garden, really one of a series of episodes that draw you through space.

That curvy green line across the garden, roughly an S-curve with a bent tail, is the metaphorical spine of the garden, its axis.

The axial shape and location isn’t arbitrary. It follows the natural storm water pattern of flow.