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Garden in the abstract

This image is of a type I’m fond of. Not abstract, exactly … but a view of the garden that isn’t possible with just the human eye. These “abstract” compositions, chance arrangements of plants and objects, rely on the camera’s inability to see in three dimensions … and, of course, my ability to frame what I see with a camera, not chance at all; conscious selection.

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What are gardens for?

I’ve never successfully photographed this forty foot wide planting of Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’. And that, I think, shows why being in the garden is different from looking at the photos in this post. This image isn’t real, it’s not even pretty, but it does show flowering has begun.

The garden has been a very busy place in recent months with my decision to create new structure and new plantings in preparation for the Garden Conservancy Open Days. Not much time for contemplation. Something William Martin said made me think whether I ever just sit down and take a moment’s pleasure in my garden. And yesterday morning I remember I did.

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Brooklyn by mobile phone

Looking into the garden pool … see the fish?

I’ve been busy at the Federal Twist garden and almost totally neglected the Brooklyn garden this summer. A few minutes of cleanup now and then. That’s about it. So how’s it doing?

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More than I expected

The women above are almost dwarfed by the plants; I show this image first to give you a sense of scale.

Over 200 visitors came, far more than I expected for my first Garden Conservancy Open Days tour. Neighboring garden owners tell me that’s the typical number in this area, so I’m pleased.   Everyone entered through the house, which is how the garden is intended to be seen. I think that gave the visit a personal touch, and the house isn’t any worse for the wear.

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