Federal Twist in Garden Design Journal

Federal Twist is featured in the January 2016 issue of the Garden Design Journal, a publication of the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) in the UK. Photos by Andrea Jones, noted garden photographer, and words by me.


I can’t recommend you get a copy. It’s seems not to be available in the US, except among the few Americans who might be members of SGD.

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13 thoughts on “Federal Twist in Garden Design Journal

  1. Would love to read this…shall try to rustle up a copy here in the hinterlands of Vancouver, BC…Wishing you the very best of health, gardening and writing in the year ahead. Your work is SO good : )

  2. That’s a gorgeous shot, thanks for sharing it. Did Andrea Young visit the garden during other seasons also?

    Suddenly a lot less movement in this garden: after all the balminess, 13F overnight, and today has yet to climb above freezing…

  3. Dear James and Philllip, I hope you are both happy with the article. This is the first time I can appreciate those damn Junipers..if that is what they are! Well done Ms Jones for putting em in their place!
    Best Wishes.
    William Martin.

    1. Yes, William, you have always been quite vocal about your dislike for my “Junipers” (actually what we call Arborvitae (Thuja) here). I still like the line they make against the wild woods beyond. Ms. Jones did a great job of making them part of the “movement” of the garden.

  4. I don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes I think it’s because I happened to end up on Federal Twist Road, which gave me a truly unique name for my blog and my garden. After that, the luck of the draw (though I was never a good card player).

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