Federal Twist in Sept./Oct. issue of Horticulture

Tovah Martin wrote a superb on-point article on my garden for the September/October issue of Horticulture magazine. Rob Cardillo took great photos. You can read Tovah’s words in the most recent issue of Horticulture (I’m not so sure you can easily read her text in the scans in this post). Rob’s photos were extraordinary, but printing on less than stellar stock and then scanning the paper copies brings them down several notches. But you get the idea. Click on the images to enlarge them.








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14 thoughts on “Federal Twist in Sept./Oct. issue of Horticulture

  1. Congrats, James! A very nice article indeed. So nice that I’m surprised it was in Horticulture! I gave up on them a few years ago and haven’t picked up an issue since. Maybe they’re turning a corner 🙂 If so, it would be most welcome.

  2. Thanks for sharing this and the scans, until I can find this magazine issue, somewhere!

    Great summary of what I’ve been enjoying evolve since I first found this blog. Nice meeting of nature and humankind, wild and controlled, pattern and random. Your eastern forest trees always near, are to be envied as a backdrop and such a context!

    1. David, you’re right on point with “wild and controlled, pattern and random.” Since those huge white pines fell in Hurricane Sandy, the forest has opened up and is much more part of the garden.

  3. What a well deserved honor, congratulations! When you started gardening here, did you ever think it would lead to an article in “Horticulture”?

    I will be headed your way in a couple of weeks to attend the Perennial Plant Conference, and bringing my parents up with me at the same time for a visit to my brother’s. I am hoping to talk them into seeing your garden the next day during Open Garden Days.

  4. Congratulations and thank you for sharing the articles! Your garden’s star keeps on rising and you definitely deserve all the attention. Keep on inspiring us and I hope that one day, my garden in Belgium will look as complete and well-thought of as yours.

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