First Contact: Meeting William Martin

On Thursday, Phillip and I rented a car and headed out from Melbourne to meet William Martin and see his garden–Wigandia–in Noorat, Australia. Before we got to Noorat, we lunched with William in Camperdown and a conversation (or several) ensued–photographed by Phillip. That plant behind us is the eponymous Wigandia caracasana. (William,  correct me if I’m in error.)

For me, this visit was an experience of legend.





















(Well, William has a better version of this shot!)

A post on Wigandia, the garden, will follow after our travels are over.

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26 thoughts on “First Contact: Meeting William Martin

    1. Michael,

      It wasn’t just pleasant. It was exciting and a lot of fun to finally meet Billy. And though he says Wigandia probably has not been more stressed than now by drought and heat, it was beautiful. An eye-opening experience I’ll not soon forget.

  1. How very good, after all this time, the connection’s been made real. Obviously, there’s alot you have to say to one another. There will be many more conversations between you I hope.

  2. Cripes! This was shot in a garden i designed for the local municipal authority (Corangamite Shire) just 20 months ago. It is a garden for the staff and i am not sure if they actually use it! BUT James and I had a fine chat on my Conical Frustum based seat..the slab of timber is Californian Cypress!
    Of all the people I have wanted to chat to for years the day did not pan out as planned..we arrived at my blot on the landscape as they should have been leaving! They were spared my legendary (some say otherwise) 5-6 hour tours………… lucky chaps!
    I am looking forward to the wee article i arranged (an action packed visit!) for fun and posterity in the local newspaper ”Camperdown Chronicle” next week i think! Last time we met in ink was the ”New York Times” how we travel! Tally Ho!

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