Late garden in Brooklyn

This is the tentative season but the Brooklyn garden continues to hold its own. Left to right the keepers are Panicum virgatum ‘Cloud Nine’, Tetrapanax papyrifera ‘Steroidal Giant’, Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’, Black bamboo.


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12 thoughts on “Late garden in Brooklyn

  1. It shows little sign of being cut down by the weather–that must be nice. And how surreal to think about the mulberry tree and all that went before…

    1. First freeze and the tetrapanax will drop all its leaves, I’m sure. And I do hope it will be partially killed back, even to the roots. I’d like to know the climate will control in naturally (if climate is still natural). If not, I’ll but it back. I’m curious to try it at Federal Twist. Zone 6 instead of Brooklyn’s Zone 7. It will be interesting to see if it can survive out there.

  2. The plumbago thrives here but languishes and dies at Federal Twist. Its foliage is turning red now. I once thought I might remove the panicum, but am glad I didn’t. Its fineness, color, and size complement the tetrapanax well.

  3. I kept thinking we have a native variant of the cotinus corrygia here in Central Texas because the name is so vaguely familiar but then realized I had been thinking of the cotinus texana which is a green June bug. Not even close…

    Love the Tetrapanax papyrifera – the leaves remind me of castor bean plants. So graceful.

  4. The top photo reminds me how tasteful hardscaping choices like the path material, fence color etc can really set off the exuberance of all that texture in the plant material.

    When we lived in Brooklyn as renters, our landlords paved over the backyard because they “couldn’t get anything to grow there”. My gardening heart broke a little looking out at that each day!

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