More snow … we’re off to another hemisphere

It’s snowing again, after a literal blizzard earlier this week and temps near zero every night, the fuel oil flaming away in the furnace. So it’s a pleasant thought to know we leave for Australia and New Zealand later this week. One of the highlights will be a visit to meet William Martin and see his garden, Wigandia, on the side of an extinct volcano, in Noorat, Australia. Despite the recent bout of unprecedented heat and wildfires, Wigandia is looking good.

Check it out on William’s blog.

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23 thoughts on “More snow … we’re off to another hemisphere

      1. WM–I think…YES..especially if I’ve only experienced the garden through photos. You think not? The photo, representing a transient moment and an individual’s distillation of the scene is a different kind of art than is the garden, for sure. So, the more photos and the more eyes on it, the better. We can work toward building the totality of the experience bit by bit.

        1. Emily, I was perhaps a little obtuse! My garden has been photographed by some of the world greats and can be seen in many books and magazines. (garden confetti) Some capture the essence of the place and others not so much.. I almost never photograph other peoples gardens and if I do its merely snapshot level! I think a garden needs to be observed and absorbed for quite some time to establish where and how a space can be best captured on film!

      1. James, I will be thrilled to see your images. I am have been following Billy’s blog and have read every article about the garden he has posted. For me, it will be another moment in time from another person’s perspective. I’d rather be enticed by your images to see the garden myself one day than not see them at all. Any way, all the greats haven’t photographed the garden yet, what about James Golden? Have a wonderful trip!

        1. MGB, I did say SOME of the greats ….If James spends too much time behind the camera or talking about plants I will show him the gate…. my gate is open to doers..I am way over the prattlers!

        2. Michael, now I’m not sure Billy will let me take pictures! (Just joking.) First I want to see the garden, and see how different the experience of the real thing is from the photographed garden I’ve been seeing for years.

          1. Well of course you will be there to experience the garden with all your senses and meet the gardener. I am very jealous of your trip and I would get a vicarious thrill from a picture or two! Have a sensational time.

    1. Rob,

      Yes Noorat, Melbourne, Sydney (not in that order), then both north and south islands of NZ. Entirely too much moving about. I’ll try to avoid the gate! Jealousy? I’d love to spend a month in your part of France. In fact, we’re planning to do that with friends from Federal Twist Road, in the next year or so. I may meet you too.

    2. I have 5 gates in a row and only 1.5 are designed to function..they are i think more important than the spaces either side of em but unfortunately I have not discovered a way to hide those spaces, so one must view/enter/exit from those less than perfect voids. My apologies.

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