New Book: Gardens of the Garden State


You might question why anyone would make a book on the gardens of New Jersey. In fact, that’s a question the authors asked themselves before they started the research for this book.


If you take a look at Gardens of the Garden State, by Nancy Berner and┬áSusan Lowry, I think you’ll see why this is a valuable contribution to the history of American garden culture.


In spite of what many might think the state is like, New Jersey is rich in significant gardens. This large-format “coffee table” book presents twenty-eight gardens of widely varying periods and styles, and it really touches only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


My garden was the last picked to be included and in my opinion, it’s the outlier, quite different from most of the other gardens illustrated in this significant new publication.


The photography, by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls, is extremely good (my scans don’t come near doing their photography justice). The book is published by Monacelli Press and available at your local book seller, or through various web outlets, though I encourage you to support your local book store.

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6 thoughts on “New Book: Gardens of the Garden State

  1. NJ must get the same roll of the eyes that Albuquerque, El Paso, Detroit, etc get. Like NJ is all Newark! (which if one were to look, it might surprise one) Glad you were published in that book, and with the others, it would be a nice visual break for me. Just being within short range of such major cities with the beautiful countryside I’ve seen on a few trips through should hint at what’s hiding beyond the highways…

    Thank goodness for blogs showing more like your state, too.

  2. Yes, David, the roll of the eyes. New Jersey? Gardens? Yes, it was the Garden State, but that meant truck gardens and vegetables, in the old days. Strangely, New Jersey is full of geologic diversity, different natural landscapes, a wealth of history–and lots of gardens. I have friends traveling in the AZ, NM, NZ area and have been stunned by the photos of plants they’re posting.

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