Nightfall: what are gardens for?

Late yesterday I walked the garden at nightfall. The atmosphere was so redolent of memory and emotion I won’t attempt to describe it. I think these photos, taken between 7:47 and 8:11 pm, do that. The air was cool, the sky clear. A bird I didn’t recognize occasionally sqawked its harsh, angry call of warning from somewhere in the tangled undergrowth.

FT 8pm 015


FT 8pm 020


FT 8pm 030


FT 8pm 032


FT 8pm 033


FT 8pm 035


FT 8pm 039


FT 8pm 042


FT 8pm 044


FT 8pm 049


FT 8pm 050


FT 8pm 051


FT 8pm 052


FT 8pm 057


FT 8pm 058


FT 8pm 059


FT 8pm 061


FT 8pm 062


FT 8pm 064



FT 8pm 067


FT 8pm 069


FT 8pm 070


FT 8pm 074


FT 8pm 076


FT 8pm 077


FT 8pm 080


FT 8pm 081



FT 8pm 084


FT 8pm 088


FT 8pm 091


FT 8pm 046



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17 thoughts on “Nightfall: what are gardens for?

  1. You can see night coming-on through the progression of the photos. I like it. I usually find a few peaceful minutes to sit or stroll in the garden just as dark is falling–it is the time when I am least likely to feel tormented by incompleted garden tasks.

  2. These may be some of my favorite pictures of your garden yet. They capture that moody quality you describe. Your garden is exactly what I can only hope for my designs: a place to encounter otherness, abundance, and vitality. What a special place!

  3. I can think of no finer time of day, unless it is a summer morning. We were up your way recently visiting my brother, and I could tell the rains had been kind to the Delaware Valley. I was able to squeeze in a solo visit to Longwood, where I didn’t have to worry if anyone else was too hot, too board or if they were getting hungry. I wandered at will, without care, and managed to fill up my camera’s SD card.

    1. I saw the picture of your son (he’s grown up) on the Delaware and figured you were in the Kintnersville area. Yes, we’ve loads of rain and things are growing very large as a result. The down side is that the rains often come down like a solid wall of water that wants to crush the plants. Our driveway even washed away in one intense downpour. But it’s much better than drought.

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