PHS Garden Tour a Great Success


Federal Twist was on the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Bucks County Garden tour last Sunday. (Okay, I’m in New Jersey. But Bucks County is only three miles away!)

We had a great turnout–far more visitors than I expected at this time of year.

The garden is in one of those “in between” times so I set up a slide show of the garden in all four seasons. Several visitors asked me to put it up on my blog. You can access it by clicking on the photo above. That will take you to my Flickr page. Click on the third symbol from the right near the top (it looks like a box) to start the slide show, which will open in a new window. To stop it close the window, or use your Esc key. Sorry I can’t make it simpler than that.

(All photos copyright James Golden)

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14 thoughts on “PHS Garden Tour a Great Success

  1. I can get completely lost in these photos sliding past me, one following another — each one more evocative than the one before. You’ve created a wonderful garden space to be in and then captured it so well in images to look at. I especially love the moody elegance of the fall photos (it really is an autumn garden). Beautiful!

  2. I missed the tour. Are there more tours coming up? I hate to miss any opportunity to visit your magnificent garden!!! I will check out the images.

  3. I like your white ‘rietveld chairs’ – they give an architectural dimension. Do you actually sit on them?! Are they comfy?

  4. Good evening Mr. James Golden,
    Today when I served you coffee at the Stockton Market you were very humble and modest about your gardening aspirations. Your photography is amazing and your garden leaves me speechless! I’ve never seen so many different species of plants and continual interest throughout the season! I love the art dappled about and the color red. You paint with natural plants.

    I can only imagine what you would be able to accomplish with 100+ acres as you imagined out loud to me today! Thank you for sharing your beautiful place on Federal Twist!

    Your Federal Twist/Byram Kingwood Road Neighbor,

    1. Hello, Stacy – Thanks for checking in. I hope you’ll stop by some day. I’d be glad to show you the garden, though it’s a little worse for wear after the snow Thursday night. It still remains interesting into December and January, depending on the severity of the weather. If you’d like, you can send me an email via the link on the blog (top right).

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