Autumn light

The failed septic system in my garden represents the contingency we all live with, raising the question, in my case, of how to get the garden back. So it’s time to pause, look away from the present mess, and recollect the garden’s past–a long Flickr set of photos through the year.

Click on the photo. (When Flickr loads, the diagonal arrows, upper right, will fill your screen.)


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6 thoughts on “Recollection

  1. When I look at photo collections I always try to pick my favorite but you have posted too many favorites to count. Thanks for sharing. Just lovely.

  2. so sorry about this interruption at FT, James. What a damned nuisance this septic tank business is. I’ll be enjoying the photos all week, so thanks for posting them.

    1. Denise, I know the garden is resilient and will recover rather quickly, but I’m more than a little stressed about having it ready for a June 27 Garden Conservancy Open Day. So far, I think it can be done.

    1. Not static for me. And I can’t say I wish it were. If I were not leaving for England for about ten days in mid-May, I’d be more relaxed, but the England trip and then the Garden Conservancy date make it necessary to fit a lot within limited time. The garden shouldn’t be about stress, so I should think what I’m doing.

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