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Looking Back on 2013

Musing over the photos of last year’s garden, I realize I lost most of the late winter and spring. Constructing the new reflecting pool and surrounding area, then replanting the construction site took most of my attention and made a mess of the garden. Apart from the winter interest provided by an ice storm in early January, the 2013 garden year didn’t really start until well into May.


An ice-coated garden

FT Morning ice on plants 014

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Mobile and mobility

I didn’t know I needed a red mobile in my garden.

Susan Cohan came to visit on a recent Saturday. She saw a sign for exhibits of local sculptors. We were passing John McDivit’s place on River Road and and Susan suggested we stop to take a look.


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Winter Walk-Off 2013


For the past several years Les of The Tidewater Gardener has issued an annual challenge to take a walk from your house and post on what you see. It’s okay to drive to the place you want to start your walk, but you have to walk. No photos of your own garden are allowed. I’ve always meant to participate but never have. So here goes, though I’m not sure I’m complying with all the rules. This is about a walk, a subway ride, a drive, and a lecture in New York City. I hope my geographical disadvantage will permit this to qualify.

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