The Circle: Finished

We finished the stone circle last Friday, the day of my self-imposed deadline. Fortunate, because about five inches of snow fell Friday night.


The planned smaller circle to the right of this one will not be. One is enough.


Perhaps I’ll add a few carefully strewn large rocks or a stretch of serpentine wall somewhere to the right. Not sure yet, and I probably won’t know until the snow melts, which may be weeks if the blizzard predicted for tonight ever materializes.


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8 thoughts on “The Circle: Finished

    1. Thanks, Mario. In the last image you can see a strong triangular pattern echoed by the line of woods. Another circle might interfere with that. Of course, this is only visible in winter and the early growing season, but that’s a lot of the year here.

  1. Keep looking looking looking…..

    Think you were spared the terrible storm that was predicted – though no doubt what you got was bad by uk standards. So looking might actually be a bit pointless!


    1. Yes, the big storm moved east and just brushed the edge of NYC, leaving the garden house with little more snow. The important thing was to finish before snow, which stops all such work until the spring thaw. I like that sound–spring thaw.

    1. Actually, I’m leaning toward the rocks for contrast in shape with the circle. I need some large ones, which are very difficult to move by hand, or cart. But we’ll get it done.

  2. James, I’m catching up on old posts and have just seen this one. I am intrigued by the triangular forms in the woods — tree trunks crossing and making triangles. I like very much the notion of using a geometric form to contrast with the geometry of the circle. What occurs to me is the zig zag form of old split rail fences. You mention the possibility of a serpentine wall. It’s presumptuous to suggest anything since I know the site only through your photos but personally, I’d rather see something like a zig zag — more pointy bits rather than gentle curves. I also notice in the photos what look like the stumps of trees, close to the red circles. They are pleasing in themselves — but are probably hidden in other seasons.

  3. Pat, I agree with you. It started when I was able to see a great triangle in the last photo, with and apex off to the right, and that shape is repeated in the trees, as you note–I think in a fractal-like way. I’ve thought of split rail fences for years but never found a way to use them. Now that you suggest it, I’ll look again.

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